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Sitting Meditation

holding space for black health and wellness


I am committed to perpetuating and facilitating sacred spaces and vibrant communities for restorative healing and intentional resilience

Yoga Session

Everyone experiences stress.
So, why is this important?

Effective stress management offers opportunity to be happier, healthier, and more productive. Reducing stress is vital toward maintaining overall health.

High levels of cortisol can destroy parts of the brain which regulate memory as well as diminish or disturb immune response and digestion.


Managing the body's stress response has an array of short term and long term benefits on both mental and physical health.


Innovative workshops for your group, company, or organization for the management of stress


Presentations and the sharing of tips, tricks, and tools for stress and trauma management


Hop in on a session to learn more about effective stress management tools


Looking to add a program for diversity and inclusion initiatives, or perhaps employee resource groups?  Let's chat!

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